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Do I need a major medical policy?

Yes, patients are required to carry a major medical plan with their PrimaCare Direct membership.  PrimaCare direct covers 90% of medical needs, but it will not cover 100% of medical needs.  For the rare occasions that you need to visit a hospital or receive specialty care, you can pair your PrimaCare Direct membership with your own health insurance plan.  The chart below shows examples of plan usage.  Call 612-444-6600 if you have any questions.

PrimaCare Direct                                                Major Medical Plan 

 Yearly Physical                                                      Cancer treatment

Cast & X-Ray for hairline fracture  Surgery to reset a bone after a major break

Strep throat Culture                           Severe illness in the night requiring the ER

Asthma education & testing                 Severe asthma attack requiring the ER

Skin biopsy                                                               Skin cancer treatment

Pap smear & annual woman's well exam                  Childbirth

 Cholesterol screening & EKG                                      Heart attack

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