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What is a Coronavirus Antibody test?

This test, also known as the SARS-Cov-2 AB test, checks for presence of antibodies to coronavirus in the blood.

The antibody test is very different from the molecular covid19 test, which is done with nasal swab, and is checking for presence of the covid-19 virus itself.

Antibodies are produced by immune system after an infection and remain positive long after the infection.

This is why antibody testing can be used to detect a past infection with coronavirus.

Which Antibodies Will Be Tested?

We utilize LabCorp's assay for three SARS-COV-2 antibody bands: IgG, IgM and IgA.

IgG turns positive within 7-20 days of infection and tends to persist for over 6 months (likely years).

IgM turns positive within 7-20 days of infection onset, peaks @ 80 days and fades away within 6months.  Only 75% of this test is positive at 7-10 days after onset. 

IgA is a marker of mucus membrane antibodies.

Who Can Get Covid19 Antibody Test?

FAFP is offering antibody test to asymptomatic (not exhibiting any signs or symptoms of active infection) patients only.

If you have mild cough or runny nose or still recovering - we have to wait until you recover completely in order to test.

For above mentioned reasons, all patients will need to consult with a FAFP practitioner via telemedicine before they can be considered for covid-19 antibody tests.

Also, if you are already in our office for completely different reasons, we can offer you to get this test done on-the-spot.

Where is the Covid19 Antibody Test Done?

FAFP offers the blood test to asymptomatic patients at our clinic.

Prior to your blood draw you need a consultation with our practitioner.

Our practitioners will make sure you are asymptomatic at the time of the blood draw.

Our practitioner will also document the timing of nature of your past symptoms (if any) and will counsel you on limitations of the test and interpretation of results.

How Long Do Results Take?

Expected turnaround time today is 2-4 business days.  Since the test is very new, this may change with time.

Is it FDA Approved?

There are currently NO FDA approved SAR-Cov2 antibody tests available.

Several tests have "Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)" but are not "FDA Approved" yet.

Does Positive Test Mean Immunity?

This is currently unknown as there has not been enough research to determine immunity.

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