Quality in Healthcare - Current Initiatives

Here at France Avenue Family Physicians (FAFP), we are dedicated to the quality of healthcare our patients receive.  We work hard to set our standards high above those of our peers.  Some of the current quality initiatives we are focusing on include:


1.  Depression.  The number of Americans diagnosed with depression is staggering.  FAFP is committed to helping our patients with depression manage their disease, so much so, that we are participating in an outcomes study that is supported by Fairview Physician Associates (FPA), and Minnesota Healthcare Network (MHN).  If you have, or think you may have depression, and/or anxiety, click here to print out our questionnaire.  Fill it out and bring it with you to your next appointment.


2.  Diabetes.  We are working with MHN, FPA, the University of Minnesota, and the health insurance companies to monitor our diabetes outcomes.  This study measures how often patients receive the appropriate care and get the correct blood tests and measures of other health indicators.  We want to assure that each patient is on the path to well controlled diabetes.


3.  Routine Health Maintenance.  We take a very proactive approach to disease management.  Our routine physicals are designed to identify any potential problems, and get them corrected before anything serious occurs.


4.  Patient Satisfaction Surveys.  Twice per year, we assess the satisfaction of our patients by having them fill out surveys when they visit our practice.  We take these surveys very seriously and use them to improve on our services to patients and our internal operations.

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