Are there any risks involved?

There are two types of reactions that occur with allergy skin testing:  local and/or systemic reactions.


Local Reactions:  "A positive skin test."  This reaction happens quickly and can remain 30 minutes to an hour after testing.


Systemic Reactions:  A much less common reaction than local reactions.  Systemic reactions are usually mild and respond rapidly to treatment.  The symptoms and course of a systemic reaction or anaphylaxis can vary.  Initial signs can be deceptively mild, such as a runny nose, hives, swelling of lips or throat, or a nondescript "strange feeling."  These symptoms can quickly become more serious, including difficulty breathing, swelling of the throat or other parts of the body, rapid drop in blood pressure, dizziness, unconsciousness or extremely rare-death.


Most serious systemic reactions develop within 30 minutes of the allergy pricks and this is why it is recommended that you wait in the office for 30 minutes following skin testing.  However, these symptoms may present after you leave the office.  If you experience a reaction after leaving the clinic, it is important to seek immediate emergency medical care.

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